Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nosy 6th Graders

And while we're on the subject of potty talk, I am reminded of when I was in elementary school. I remember the scariest thing to do was to take a dump in the bathroom. You only went if you were forced to due to an emergency, because you never knew when a 6th grader might walk in and make fun of you. How embarrassing.

I can even remember one instance where two sixth graders walked in during such an emergency situation, talking so cooly with their deep voices. I took evasive action and lifted my legs. That way, if they made the "look under" move, the stall would appear empty. The plan of course backfired when one of them walked back to get some tissue to blow his nose. He could see the faint figure of a 4th grade through the cracks. After he noticed, the two started whispering and snickering. I am sure the one guy whispered to the other guy something like, "There's that 4th grader Michael Shea in there. He's POOPING! With his legs up! Go and tell all the girls in school." Man, that was a bad day.

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