Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Take This Tag

At college, you always see these homemade ads people put up where they want to sell a puppy or get a subleaser or buy a kidney or this or that. They make the bottom of the page just a bunch of precut tags with a contact number on it, so that you just pull the tag and call them later when you get some time. I have found that a good way to give someone false hope is to tear off all the tags. They think to themselves, "Awesome! Look at how many are gone! Surely I will get some calls tonight and get a deal done! Cha ching!" Then, nothing but silence as they sit by the phone all night.

1 comment:

Jon Owings said...

Your mean tricks hurt. What if that person gets kicked out of their apartment because they can't find a roomate or subleasee?

You just ruin lives and never think about what is going on around you!