Sunday, February 04, 2007


Have you ever seen those Enterprise Rent-A-Car commercials? They always end with some nice, peaceful music, and some dude saying "Enterprise: We'll pick you up." While the dude is saying this, there is a car wrapped up in paper driving around some beautiful scenery. What you don't see, however, is the rest of the story. Since you can't see through paper, the dude driving the car was basically blind. Right after the shot they use on the commercial, the dude drives right off the side of a 400 foot ledge. He had expressed concern earlier in the day about driving in a car whose front windshield was covered up, but he figured the money was good (better than what he was making as a quality control officer at the local Huddle House, and not quite as dangerous either), and he could probably remember when to turn right and left.

The going theory, though, is that if you are going to die falling off a cliff in a car, it is best to do it in an Enterprise wrapped up car, because then you don't know exactly when you are going to hit. I disagree with that theory. I think I will like to know when I am going to hit. That is part of the fun. I guess that is why it is just the going theory and not the going fact.

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