Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Re-Quartering Fairy

One time I was downtown, and I parked at a meter and only put money in for an hour. Eating lunch and whatnot ended up taking more than an hour, and I was quite worried when I walked back to my car. I have spent a good deal of money on downtown parking tickets. Those meter maids are quite the vultures. By the way, if it is a dude, do you still call him a mater maid? I think I would prefer to be called a meter butler. Nonetheless, when I got to my car, the meter was actually up to an hour and a half! I didn't do this! It must be some kind of do-gooder out there. That guy or gal is awesome.

I have actually thought about being the Re-Quartering Fairy before, but never really had the funds or guts to go through with it. It would be fun to foil the meter maids and butlers for a day, going around putting quarters in nearly expired meters ahead of the evildoers so that they can't give out any tickets. They would hate that so much! Well, someone actually did it for me, and it totally made my day. Of course, it was actually probably just the person next to me putting money in the wrong meter, and that person more than likely ended up with a parking ticket. I like to believe it was the Re-Quartering Fairy, though, because it makes me feel good. And I think the Re-Quartering Fairy wears a mask, a utility belt, a cape, and green and purple tights with the letters "RQF" drawn in pink over a rainbow on his chest, because that is the sort of things superheros wear, and the Re-Quartering Fairy is a super hero in my mind.

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