Saturday, August 19, 2006

A tip?? A TIP!!??

The option to give a tip at a place where you are not waited on by a server bothers me. I've seen it at delis, burrito joints, barbecue joints, chicken finger joints, and pita joints. You order, give them your Visa, get your receipt back to sign, and there it is: a line for the tip and another for the new total. Or it could be in the form of a "tip jar" sitting next to the register. Now see here all you food joint managers: just because it costs more than fast food doesn't mean you get a tip. You have to actually do some kind of subservient duty, like parking cars or carrying baggage or coming to people's tables asking if they need refills. Quit being so greedy. You are already charging 8 bucks for a burrito. Cut me some slack, jack.

One day I am going throw over the tip jar, watch it shatter on the floor, and drive out that brood of vipers with a whip. Better yet, one day I am going to put "$-1.00" for the tip and then write the subtracted sum on the total part. I would then get a cheaper meal, because that is what they deserve for trying to guilt me into giving them a tip for manning the cash register.

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