Monday, August 14, 2006

The Dream I Had

This is the dream I had: I was on a boat. We were watching a documentary on snakes. It said "For this much air, a snake needs this much water to survive," and it had a little diagram that showed how much water a snake needed for the amount of air it lived in. This of course doesn't make any sense.

Then it cut to a guy being interviewed Discovery Channel style and he said "That is why it is so good to have sharks around when your are scuba diving," which i guess is because the sharks scare away the snakes. I don't know exactly though, because he didn't explain. Then, we walked outside on the boat and the captain was like "Here we are. We have to salvage the wreckage of this ship we are over right now..." and then boom! the whole boat shook. We had accidently run over the ship! We all realized there must be a hole in the ship, and we were going to sink right into snake infested water. Then, I woke up, which was disappointing because I would liked to see how I was going to get out of that mess!

Anyways, watch out for snakes.

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