Sunday, August 06, 2006

Being Careful

I think you should be careful when using the term "snail mail" in front of people you don't know, because you might be in the midst of a mailman. And we all know how offended a mailman gets when you refer to his life's work as "snail mail." They always say something like, "I'd like to see you try to think of a better way," or, "But it's so hard with all these dogs out to get us!" or,"Oh yeah?! I'd like to see a snail drive a funky car with the steering wheel on the wrong side for 8 hours a day!" All you can really say is, "Sorry. You know, just compared to the modern electronic means, it is kind of slow." Then you just hope it is not the type of mailman that will come into your work shooting the next day. In fact, as a rule I generally wear my kevlar vest and protective lab goggles for a few days whenever I offend a mailman. You can never be too careful.

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