Sunday, July 09, 2006

Things Learned In Dover

So the last two weeks, I was working in good old Dover, Delaware. I met a Canadian who said "eh"(is that how you spell that? Pronounced like the letter 'a' and used at the ends of sentences) and "aboot" (English=About). I only talked to him for aboot 2 minutes, and he said both of those totally cliche Canadianisms. He made me happy. I also realized that I have not actually met many Canadians. In fact, he is the only one I can think of. Kind of funny; they may be our neighbor to the North, but down south we just don't see them all that much.

Of course, the World Cup has also been going on the last two weeks. And like always, I enjoy watching it, but I am reminded why that sport will never really capture my heart. The thing that bothers me aboot it is that every time someone is fouled or knocked over or whatever, they stay on the ground and writhe in pain. It drives me crazy. Then, after the penalty is called, they get up, shake their head like they are trying to get the cobwebs out, and then they are fine. It reminds me of professional wrestling more than anything else. I was watching the final today, and this guy barely got tapped, and there he was on the grown, kicking and screaming. Literally, he was holding his head and screaming, while kicking the ground like a two year old who didn't get his way. What's wrong with their dad's? Did they not teach their boys that they are wusses if they show pain? My dad would say "Suck it up." Soccer players' fathers say, "Milk that for all it's worth, even if you aren't hurt, because you will get attention." What a bunch of pansies. I'll bet they all cried in Titanic, too.

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P. D. Shea said...

I know a Canadian... went to collierville, met her at UT