Monday, July 17, 2006

Inspiration Via Posters

One of the things I like about the job I have this summer is the new variety of posters with a message in the workplace. In a normal job, you have posters that say things like, "Diversity: Good For All Of Us," or "Sexual Harrassment Is Bad All The Time," or "If You Can Lean, You Can Clean." Well, since I am working on an Army Base, there are signs that discourage spying. I think that is pretty cool. One has a picture of handcuffs, and it says, "Espionage Is A Sure Bet: You Will Lose Everything." Another one has a picture of some dude behind bars, and it says "Espionage is crime that not only destroys your future... it destroys your past. Earl Pitts 1997. " Chilling.

Of course, I doubt that these posters actually make a difference. I don't know if some dude makes a deal with the Russians for millions of dollars to give them some high-tech info, and on the way out sees a sign saying espionage is bad, and then says to himself, "Well, crap. I know the money is good, but that poster is right. Espionage is naughty and shame on me for thinking about doing it." The guy would then put the stuff back and then go tell the General what he did and how he is sorry. The General would then probably tell him that he should be in big trouble, but he values the dude's honesty, so he would let it slide this time. After all, it seems that the dude already learned his lesson. Then the would-be spy would probably walk out and see the diversity poster that says "The Human Race: Different Strokes For Different Folks. Love Everybody." He would then go out and hug the first person of a different ethnicity that he sees. Then, that ethnic person would feel so loved that he would have to hug someone else, thus starting a love chain reaction that will bring the world to peace. You see, inspirational posters do work!

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