Sunday, January 01, 2006

Debit or Credit?

Why do I always have to think about it when the cashier says "Debit or Credit?"? You would think I would have a set answer by now. But every time, there is a good two or three second pause where I think "Do I want to use credit or debit? I can do either. This is such a big decision."

And for those who want to know, generally I choose debit. But sometimes, for reasons still not fully understood, I switch to credit. Just keeping them on their toes I guess.


Christopher B said...

what the frick.
you've been posting?

Michael Shea said...

indeed. i mean, i have a blog, so why not?
actually, it is convenient because i write this stuff in my auburn facebook profile and when i write something new i throw the old stuff here. so there ya go.