Friday, February 13, 2009

Buttons and Whittling

Buttons on a piece of clothing should have different distances between them so you know when you've gotten off track. That way, after you get the first button wrong, you would realize you had made a horrible mistake just one button later. It would either be too short to even button, or you would have a big bunch of excess clothing. The days of not realizing your mistake until you've buttoned the whole shirt and ended up with one extra button or buttonhole would be over. If shirts were made this way, I would have saved about 13 days worth of re-buttoning time over the course of my life. What would I do with all that free time? I don't know, probably take up whittling I guess.


michael said...


Dr. Habotn said...


MJT- Mrs THT says if you start buttoning from the bottom of the shirt, you won't have that problem.

My response... Huh?