Sunday, February 08, 2009

Apprehend That Man!

Whenever I hear a car alarm go off, or that department store stolen goods alarm starts beeping, then I scream at the top of my lungs, "THIEF! THHHHHHHIIIIEEEFFFF! Everyone, there is a thief!!!!" So far, I've only gotten ugly stares from people who have accidentally bumped into a parked car or left the security tag on clothing they just bought, but one day I will be right. And on that day, I better be getting a good citizen medal or something.


Peter Frankenschmidt (OG) said...

Best post ever. I park in a deck in Miami. Car alarms are constantly going off, for one of two reasons. The first is loud exhaust. This annoys me. The second is people that don't remember where they parked hitting the panic button to locate their vehicle. This makes me want to run them over.

michael said...

Don't you mean three reasons? Aren't evil thieves trying to steal people's cars, also?

Peter Frankenschmidt (OG) said...

oh, yeah. that, too. I'll have to start trying to take them down.