Saturday, August 18, 2007

House Divided

I want to start a line of "House Divided" car tags that can be custom made. I got the idea when I saw a House Divided tag and it was Georgia Tech and Auburn. I mean, maybe 50 years ago that was a rivalry, but its not exactly the coming together of two opposites any more. So I was thinking maybe you could do like a house divided with Auburn and Boise St, or pretty much any random team. Or do it with a college and high school, like with Auburn on one side and maybe Jefferson High on the other.

But my favorite idea is to do it with completely non sports related stuff, like having a house divided between David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. That would be awesome if you saw a car with that on it. "My wife loves Diamond Dave, but I am a Sammy guy. Somehow we make it work." Guns 'n Roses fans could get a Axl/Slash house divided. You could do Star Wars Empire/Rebellion or Obi-Wan/Vader, or you could do Imus/Rutgers Girls Basketball, or Anniston/Jolie, Michael Vick/PETA, or pancakes/waffles, or naked spelunking/clothed spelunking, or ham/turkey, or Zack/Slater, or whatever you want. Those of you in broken homes can do a house divided: Mom/Dad one. Or perhaps a hurricane or earthquake victim who lost half their house literally could just have a house divided tag with a picture of their destroyed house. The possibilities are endless here, people. Whatever you want your house to be divided between, I'll make the tag.

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