Monday, January 08, 2007

Widescreen Nonsense

Widescreen high definition televisions are all nice and good when you are watching something that is both high definition and widescreen. However, I am pretty sure everyone who owns one of these is at least half retarded. Now I know some of you reading this may actually have one of these, so listen up: if you are watching regular TV, just because your screen is totally full does not mean you are seeing more picture. No, all you are actually doing is stretching a full screen picture in to a widescreen picture, and it looks stupid. Everyone is now short and fat on your TV. Is Star Jones hosting the Tyra Banks Show now? Did they preempt America's Next Top Model with The Biggest Loser again? I have no idea, just because you want to show off how much screen you can fill on your silly television. Stop it!

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