Monday, January 15, 2007

Magic In My Car

Currently, my daughter's toy magic wand is somewhere underneath the passenger seat of my car. I don't really think about it when I get in, but after a drive around for a little bit I do. That is because on hard turns or fast stops or something like that, I hear it make its sound: "Brrrrllllinnnggggggg (ascending from a lower note to a higher note. It is pretty hard to type the sound a magic wand makes, so I guess just make up your own sound in your head. If you have never heard a magic wand, then pretend it is a magical cow's moo or something. Getting the sound right is not important)." I usually hear this sound maybe one out of every three trips in the car.

Anyhow, whenever I hear the sound randomly, I like to think something magical is actually happening somewhere around me. I check around the car for magic, then look out my windows, then in the car again, then I look at myself in the mirror to see if the magic happened to me, then I slowly accept that nothing magic happened this time either. It never happens. But still, I think it is nice to have that hope. I guess that is why I still haven't removed it from under the seat just yet, because it is nice to think that you are witnessing some magic, if only for a little while.

Actually, I am still not convinced there is nothing magic going on. I think I am probably just missing it every time. It's all about focus, man.

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