Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mu Alpha Theta!

In high school, I was in the Mu Alpha Theta math club. Late in the year, there was a state-wide competition where all the MAT clubs would convene and do math problems. Of course, my high school was no match for White Station, who had quite a few international students who were math-a-holics. In fact, we were no match for most everyone else, as we were hanging around at the bottom of the pack. The scores were kept on a wall on a big poster type thing, where all the schools' scores in each round were written in marker big enough so that everyone in the huge room could read them from anywhere. So as we were leaving, having been destroyed by the other schools, I decided to go up and write a few 9's in front of all our scores with the marker. This of course ruined the whole board for everyone, and the head of the competition came over and started yelling at me, so I ran away and jumped in our bus. Luckily, everyone else was in, and I made a clean getaway, because the old hag chasing me was not in good enough shape to track me in the bus.

And these actions could have potentially made be cool, but unfortunately I did them while in a math club. So that pretty much negates anything cool about any of it. I am now embarrassed for even sharing this story.

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