Friday, June 11, 2010

Airport Optimism

Some people complain about all the added airport security checks these days. But do you know who loves going through an airport? Me. I just really like being vindicated.

"Do you have any bombs are firearms in your luggage?"
"Well, we'll see about that. And walk through that metal detector while your potential bomb bearing carry-on goes through this machine"
Moments later...
"Here you go sir. Your story checks out. You are free to move about the terminal."

Vindicated, sucka!

1 comment:

Jeremy Eubanks said...

I like that I'm taller than everyone, so I can see which line to get in. Yeah, the one where they won't touch my junk. I also carry a fifth of bourbon on every flight in a bunch of 3oz bottles, then keep bugging the stewardess lady for ice. Do you know how awesome flying is with that much bourbon?