Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lawnmower Man

When mowing the lawn, sometimes I feel like a jerk for trying to hold to the property line so tightly. Why not help the guy next door and mow his lawn a little here and there? So last week I purposefully broke the straight line and randomly mowed his side. I thought it proved I wasn't such a stickler for this whole "property line" thing, and it also made my neighbor's job easier next time he mowed. He could skip those patches I hit if he wanted to. Well, my neighbor must be some kind of psycho, because he came out yelling at me and telling me to stay in my own yard. So unappreciative. The guy must be territorial I guess. He needs to be on some kind of medication or something.

But seriously, can you imagine the nerve of that guy to yell at me just for veering out of my yard from time to time to mow spots on his lawn? And then he yelled at me a second time just because I continued to do it immediately after he finished yelling the first time. I guess I thought once he saw how resiliently nice I was, he would change his mind on the issue, so I continued veering. But you know what? In the end, I am glad I mowed it that way, because it helped reveal what a quack my neighbor is.


§teveFC said...

There is only one appropriate thing to do. Wait until his grass gets high and mow the word "SORRY" into the middle of his front lawn. I am sure he will appreciate it.

Sal said...

Here is a little secret....Shhhhh....Look left..Look right....I was in the survey business and...Look left..Look right...The degree of accuracy in survey sometimes isn't that accurate...Shhhh...Take comfort in knowing that you may actually be mowing his lawn because the established line maybe wrong....HAHAHA..Sweet victory!!! He will never know!! God is good! Spread the love!!