Saturday, January 17, 2009

Retirement Plans

When I retire, I am going to buy and RV and be a storm chaser. However, rather than going somewhere cliche like Tornado Alley to do the chasing, I plan on chasing storms in the Mojave Desert. What can I say? I like the challenge of being a storm chaser in the desert. I got guts.


Jeremy Eubanks said...

That picture looks like it was taken at a very unhappy tailgate. I hope your tornado tailgates in the desert are more fun that that, and that they include dessert.

Jeremy Eubanks said...

This blog is a lot like the SNL deep thoughts thing.

michael said...

I love me some Jack Handey. Yeah, after thinking about it, some of the stuff definitely has some Deep Thoughts style in it. Some are closer to stand-up comedy jokes/stories. Hey, I do all kinds of things, but the only consistency is that it is funny on an inconsistent basis.