Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where Does One Get an "I Blogged" Sticker?

When I voted in November, I got a sticker with the words "I Voted" on it. It also had a nice little American flag. It'd be kind of cool if we got stickers for a lot of other stuff we do. Like maybe restaurants could hand out "I Ate" stickers, and bathrooms could have "I Pooped" sticker dispensers. You could take pride in your "I Passed a Kidney Stone" or "I Stopped Bleeding" sticker you received from the hospital. If you are brutally honest, you could wear things like the "I Was Divorced" sticker you received from your ex-spouse's lawyer, or the "I Cried Myself To Sleep" sticker your roommate gave you after that night you thought he was asleep. Hey, it's you, be proud of who you are!

First of all, this is good because stickers are awesome, and second of all, we will all know a lot more about each without having to ask as many questions. I hate it when people I just met ask me too many questions. Just read the sticker!

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