Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to Not Save Time

I walked into a a take-out place the other day, and I decided I would do something different to save myself some time. Instead of locking my car door, I left the sucker unlocked. I would be able to see my car the whole time, so I didn't fear someone meddling with it. I figured it would be much quicker because I wouldn't waste time fumbling for my keys with the to-go food in my hand. I love saving time!

Well, my plan worked perfectly for a while. I got in my car, put the food in the passenger seat. Sweet, I didn't have to spend any time unlocking the door! But then, I needed to start the car. My keys were still in my jeans pocket. Since I was sitting down, I swear it took me about 30 seconds and much arching of my back to get the keys out. Time saved: -13 seconds. Certainly not the advantage I anticipated. I just guess that goes to show, you should never change up your routine, because change is bad and screws everything up.

After I wrote this blog entry, something seemed familiar. I did some searching, and I found some advice I should have listened to:

What Genius Wrote This?

If I had listened to that guy, I could have saved myself some time.

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