Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Phantom Hands

Last week I was in a restroom, and the automatic sink didn't turn on when I put my hands under the faucet. I took it in stride tried another one. The second little laser using device didn't work either. This was too much of a coincidence, so a question arose in my mind: ARE MY HANDS BECOMING INVISIBLE?

How does one know when he or she has become invisible? Can you still see yourself? I am not familiar with the physics of invisibility, but it was pretty obvious the automatic sink could not see me. What will life be like as an invisible man? Can I still keep my job? Will I be ridiculed? Will I spend the rest of my days stealing old ladies apple pies that are cooling on window sills and doing other sly things most invisible people do? Or will I stay honorable and only use my invisibility for good? Then, my boss walked in and said, "What are you doing? You have a really weird look on your face. Why are you staring at your hands?"

Was it possible my boss can see invisible people? It would be reasonable to believe my boss got the supervisor job because of some sort of special powers. I decided I would try one more test. I put my hands under the automatic hand drier, and it turned on! Well, either the invisibility was temporary or I never really was invisible. I will never be sure what exactly happened that day. My boss mentioned something about hoping I didn't try to flush the toilet because the water was turned off for pipe repairs or something, but I was skipping out of the restroom, too excited to pay much attention to the lady. Oh yeah, did I mention I was in the women's restroom? I guess that information really isn't pertinent.

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The Legend said...

The same thing has been happening to me recently... only with me it's the push-on faucets and I tell myself I need to wash my hands, I see my hands moving to push the button down, I can feel the cold metal underneath my fingertips, but no water comes out? My problem may be very different than yours. I may be having basic motor skill issues or it could be the onset of a dibillitating disease, but our problems are both dealing with our hands, thus are both directly as unappealing and frightening nonetheless.