Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sam's Samples

One time I went to Sam's Club, and I made my way to the back to check out the free samples. If you have ever been to Sam's and you are not my wife, then you know that these free sample eating at Sam's is just one of life's great treats that should not be missed. But I get there, and every single sample station is unmanned! I kepts searching frantically, but nothing! I started to lose it a little bit, and I headed to the back corner for one last shot. If there was nothing in the back corner, then I was about to start chunking the twelve gallon jugs of peanut butter at the workers and dropping the 48 bottle packs of IBC Root Beer on people's heads. Unbelievably, they did have one booth set up. It was mini corn dogs. I ate one and it was not very good, but it was a free sample, and that itch in my mind had been scratched. A disaster was avoided, but it was a close one.

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