Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Percentage

I used to be in the fast food business when I was in high school. One time when I was manning the register, I took this dude's order. I gave it to him, but he was all like "No, I also ordered fries!" (In a side not, after working fast food for awhile I realized that whenever you think you ordered something, you actually didn't. You had merely planned on ordering it. Think about this the next time you give a dirty look to a register jockey and say, "I am pretty sure I also ordered such and such." No you didn't, liar!) Anyway, I say to the guy "That will be 99 cents" (maybe 96 cents, maybe 86 cents, I can't remember, don't focus on whether or not it was really 99 cents).

So the guy drops his jaw and says to me in a disgusted voice, "Well great. Now I have to pay taxes on both orders." I had to think about it for a second, because though his complaint sounded ridiculous, I still needed to do the math in my head to be sure. So after a second or two, I said, "Uhhh.... actually tax is done as a percentage, so you are actually not going to pay any more than if you had ordered them together." The guy just looked at me, still disgusted, and said "Yeah, whatever," while shaking his head. He didn't believe me; he just wanted his fries and thought I was making stuff up to not look so bad for costing him an extra 8 cents. Man, that guy was an idiot. I should have chased after him and explained percentages to him. If only I was 15 again and had the chance. That's life, man: missed opportunities.

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