Monday, August 08, 2005

Special Sauce

I want to start a new movement, and I will tell you what it is, and you will agree with me.

I want the special sauce to finally get its own name. Back when I was young, if a sauce was deemed "special," that usually meant that you could only get it at that particular restaurant. Now, though Zaxby's, Breezway, Guthrie's, Tenda Chick, Abner's, Veggies to Go, etc all claim to have their own "special sauce," one would find that they are all the same speckled kinda pinkish-tanish-orange substance.

Please, for the sake of all, will someone please name this sauce so that all can be right with the world. Since this monopoly on the "special sauce" has taken place, a real shortage of innovative sauces has occurred. There has been nothing to call them. What, put "Special Sauce #2" on the menu or something? Please, in the name of love, name that sauce.

And when it is named, it should be called "Shea's Speckled Sauce of Mightiness."

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