Friday, November 19, 2010

Maybe Put a Laptop in the Casket

It's funny when people write Facebook messages to dead people. After someone dies, people are always leaving little notes to the dead in tribute groups or at the deceased's wall. Stuff like, "Miss you so much Tom", or, "You were taken away far too early, Stacy. RIP." What makes the living so certain that people can check Facebook in the afterlife? I find it highly dubious. Sorry gang. Facebook, though a powerful tool for connecting with people living on earth, is probably not capable of carrying your messages to the other side. Not even Zuckerberg is that powerful. Your words are just sitting there where living people can see them.


Monica said...

And even if they *could* check Facebook, *would* they?

(Just found your blog by clicking on "Next Blog" from mine. Glad I did!)

Michael said...

Glad you found it too!

And you are right, no matter what your views are on life after death, I can't imagine many people plan on checking facebook after they die. After all, if you can't do status updates to reel people into talking to you about yourself, really what is the point?

Jeremy Eubanks said...

You're an asshat, or similarly derogatory clothing item. I don't for a second believe in the afterlife (well, maybe for a second, but only with a question mark after it, as if someone just said something absurd, and I'm mocking it, but also waiting for a response that validates what they said), but have done this many times. I also visit the cemetary and talk to people's headstones, as if they were lurking around to listen to it. It calms me a bit. I need calming sometime, because I cannot explain everything.